Kitchen 12p-7p, Bar 12-8p


All reservations made before we stopped accepting them were  weather dependent, as we only had outdoor seating approved.   In the event of a rain-out, we must adhere to the original plan that all reservations are weather dependent, and will be "cancelled" if we can't operate outside.  We have just been approved for indoor dining, and if it rains (right now 3p is best estimated rain time) we will open the indoor space to first come-first serve customers.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  As a reminder, we can't allow dogs inside.  Also, customer mask usage has taken a troubling decline lately.  We still require masks for arrival, and any time you are away from your table, and we have sassy signs posted up to remind guests of the policy.

Thanks again for the support and understanding, we've been feeling the love from the community and customers, our staff is much appreciative.  

Updated 6/25/20, 10:15a:

 The learning continues.  With 2 weekends under our belt, we've realized that our customer's plans change (a lot) and while reservations helped us in the beginning, they've become a bit of an albatross around our necks.  With a high percentage of no-shows, we've been forced to turn away guests that we actually could have hosted.  If you currently have a reservation with us, you are all set (unless it rains, see above), we are honoring those!  We already started accepting walk-ups, and we feel continuing this trend makes us the most flexible.  WE NO LONGER REQUIRE RESERVATIONS!  WE WILL SEAT ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.

We have transformed our outdoor area into 2 zones.  The Patio and the Lawn.  Both zones are serviced by our staff.  We have moved to full-service only, in an effort to eliminate crowds at our bars.  Both areas are outside, and weather dependent.  Please note that we will require customers to wear a mask when being seated, using the restroom, and when leaving.  

  • 12 tables, each able to accommodate a maximum of 6 guests. 

  • Tables are arranged so that there is 6 feet between the stools of each table.

  • 2 hour limit, unless there is no reservation waiting next.

  • Leashed dogs allowed

  • 8 zones marked out in our grassy lawn next to our biergarten patio, Maximum 6 guests per zone.

  • Each zone has a picnic table.  This will be where our server will drop drinks or food.

  • Leashed dogs allowed

  • Bring your own lawn games 

    • We can't supply games because we can't think of a good way to guarantee sanitizing between each party.  Guests are allowed to bring a lawn game that can be played within the zone; plenty of room for cornhole, kanjam, bocce, etc.  Please no "hazardous" games or games that will wreck the grass (including but not limited to lawn darts, horseshoes, etc). It should also be noted the State of New Hampshire Liquor Commission prohibits drinking games. Our staff will have final say on allowable games.

  • 2 hour limit, unless there is no reservation waiting next.​

Indoor Dining - currently only operating as a rain-out backup location

  • 11 tables, 6 guests maximum per table

  • No bar seats - we would have needed to put 6ft between each seat anyway, and we needed the space to maximize the number of tables we can get inside

  • Table service only, no walk up or standing room