And we're rollin


All reservations made before we stopped accepting them were  weather dependent, as we only had outdoor seating approved.   In the event of a rain-out, we must adhere to the original plan that all reservations are weather dependent, and will be "cancelled" if we can't operate outside.  We have just been approved for indoor dining, and if it rains (right now 3p is best estimated rain time) we will open the indoor space to first come-first serve customers.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  As a reminder, we can't allow dogs inside.  Also, customer mask usage has taken a troubling decline lately.  We still require masks for arrival, and any time you are away from your table, and we have sassy signs posted up to remind guests of the policy.

Thanks again for the support and understanding, we've been feeling the love from the community and customers, our staff is much appreciative.  

Updated 6/25/20, 10:15a:

 The learning continues.  With 2 weekends under our belt, we've realized that our customers plans change (a lot) and while reservations helped us in the beginning, they've become a bit of an albatross around our necks.  If you currently have a reservation with us, you are all set (unless it rains, see above), we are honoring those!  We already started accepting walk-ups, and we feel continuing this trend makes us the most flexible.  However, moving forward, WE NO LONGER REQUIRE RESERVATIONS!  WE WILL SEAT ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.

Here at Cisco Brewers Porstmouth, we're doing our best to offer a slice of normalcy back to the community. To achieve that, we've got to abide by some new regulations laid out by the U.S. government, state government, and the city of Portsmouth.  Additionally, we're adding our own regulations that we believe give us the best chance to succeed, while keeping our staff and customers as safe as possible. 

What's Staying the Same?
  • Drinks - We're still the "Libation Station" beverage hq.  Your favorite Cisco Brewers, Triple Eight Distillery, and Nantucket Vineyard drinks as well as some small batch beers and homemade infusions only available here.

  • Food -  Fantastic eats, perfect compliments to our beverages.  

  • Live Music - Music is a part of our vibe.  We look to feature local and regional artists

  • Community - We will remain family and dog friendly (dogs outside dining only).  All dogs still need to remain on leashes.  Also, the city will not allow us to provide community dog bowls, please pack one!

What's Changing?
  • Operating Days / Hours - Thursday-Sunday, 12-8p. 

  • Our Space - All our customer areas will be outside, with the exception of our restrooms.  We've shuffled tables, marked off zones, and changed entry and exit points. We'll be seating customers via a host, and asking customers to check out with the host as well, so we can guarantee sanitizing between each seating.

  • Reservations - We're requiring reservations before visiting us.  This helps us out on a lot of fronts.  For starters, we will be able to ensure that we can keep enough space between our customers to provide an enjoyable, safe experience.  Also, it helps us plan out our ordering and production, as we need to be fiscally diligent as we reopen.  Additionally, it gives us a method to notify customers in the event of a weather cancellation, as all of our customer areas will be outside. 

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Our staff will be wearing masks, and we're going to require our customers to wear them during entry and exit, and trips to the restroom.   

Cut to the Chase

We want to be open.  We're excited to get back to work and see locals and visitors alike, and be a place where you can discuss the conditions of the universe, laugh at terrible jokes, and all the other great elements of pub atmosphere.  But we won't be able to unless we do our part and you do yours.  Please be patient as we work through new systems and procedures, and please follow our rules when you're on site.


You are all Obi-Wan Kenobi.  You're our only hope.